A thrifted box subscription and personal shopping experience

Summon your inner Style
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Thrifty Witches aims to make your shopping experience simple and hassle free. We know that shopping isn't always a pleasurable experience for women, but we work to make sure you feel confident and stylish in your thrifted wardrobe. Not only is the Thrifty Witches subscription service an affordable alternative to shopping, but it is a sustainable option for clothing. This eco-friendly approach to fashion helps to decrease the impact of fast-fashion on the world. But, perhaps the best part of this subscription service is that we will always encourage and challenge you to make style choices that bring out the unique, version of you. We are always happy to answer questions, give advice, or even go on a personal shopping experience with you.

OUr Story…

Having a sense of belonging and acceptance is something all humans need. Luckily, we have found that in each other through fashion, education, and empowering women. Our friendship started when we all met teaching English at the same high school. Beside our love for literature, students, and the power of knowledge, we found a common interest in style and fashion. The idea for Thrifty Witches actually came from many of our students asking where we purchased our outfits. Most of our outfits are put together with thrifted or clearance rack pieces, which surprised our students and inspired them to tell us that we should really teach people our ways of shopping and style. We loved that idea, and thus, Thrifty Witches was born. From a fashion Instagram and weekly blog to now a subscription service, the three of us, are here to provide guidance for women who want to find their style, find their community, and find themselves.